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In this section I will post my various PHP/MySQL tutorials. If you have any topics in regards to PHP/MySQL that you would like me to create a tutorial, please email me at Coopercentral@gmail.com and if I can I will attempt to assemble a tutorial.

If there is a topic that you would like me to write a tutorial about, email me and I will try my best. As always, I appreciate any feedback given.


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Newest Tutorials

PHP and Sessions by Ken Cooper
This tutorial will cover the basics of implementing sessions within PHP. I will show you the necessary functions and variables involved, and how to implement them to create a useful script. You can then apply this to create more advanced scripts, like user authentication for example.
Added: 2013-02-16. Viewed 2160 times. 0 comments.

PHP Form Validation by Ken Cooper
In this tutorial, I'll discuss some more functions that are essential to know while validating forms. I'll also show you some functions I've created. Then, I'll put the form together to make a perfect form, so no one can add data to a file/database without proper fields.
Added: 2013-01-08. Viewed 1866 times. 0 comments.

Multi-pages using query strings by Ken Cooper
Many websites use query strings, which is after the file, usually has a "?", then something equals something. That's basically a variable that's being passed throught the URL. You can use that variable, to show different pages.
Added: 2013-01-08. Viewed 1817 times. 0 comments.

Introduction to PHP and MySQL by Ken Cooper
This is my first tutorial which describes the basics for both PHP and MySQL. This tutorial assumes that you have experience with PHP. It's more of a beginner tutorial for MySQL. You need to know certain mysql functions within PHP. Follow the tutorial and you will learn some basics with PHP and MySQL.
Added: 2012-10-15. Viewed 1999 times. 0 comments.

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