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Today is: Saturday, September 22, 2018 8:49am. Last Updated: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 4:23am.
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Poll Archive
Date Question Votes
2014-10-19What kind of database do you utilize with your scripts? 8
2014-06-01Should I keep or change the layout of this website? 9
2014-04-29Which PHP script would you find most useful on your website? 14
2014-03-14Where do you seek support for PHP related questions? 12
2013-12-28Do you utilize object-oriented programming within PHP? 8
2013-11-23What are you most hoping to get this holiday season? 28
2013-10-26How do you backup your files? 7
2013-09-29Which operating system do you use the most? 19
2013-09-03How often do you backup your data? 13
2013-08-09What would you like to see more of? 7
2013-07-20What level PHP programmer are you? 3
2013-07-06How would you rate Coopercentral PHP scripts? 14
2013-06-22Do you have a degree in Information Technology? 9
2013-06-15Do you think smartphones will eventually allow customers to check items out themselves? 3
2013-06-08What type of website do you currently have? 6
0000-00-00Do you have any plans on creating a website in the future? 9
2013-05-25Have you ever served in the US military? 8
2013-05-18Which PHP script would you find most useful on your website? 5
2013-05-11What kind of TV do you have? 6
2013-05-04Do you use Youtube on a daily basis? 7
2013-04-27My search engine of choice 8
2013-04-20Where do you buy your computer parts from? 6
2013-04-13If Google Fiber optic was available in your area, would you subscribe? 3
2013-04-06What is your preferred method of learning a programming language? 6
2013-03-30Open Source software 9
2013-03-23Microsoft Office 365 8
2013-03-16What is your favorite season? 10
2013-03-09Which cellphone carrier do you use? 5
2013-03-02What type of home network do you have? 7
2013-02-23How do you retrieve your personal email? 6
2013-02-16I connect to the internet via: 8
2013-02-09Are you for or against a "super-wifi" that would cast a strong broadband signal throughout the country? 6
2013-02-02Does your current job allow you to telecommute from home? 3
2013-01-26What type of web hosting do you prefer? 8
2013-01-19Do you use online cloud services (ex. iCloud) to backup your files? 9
2013-01-12Which social media website do you most use? 10
2013-01-05Do you own a Smartphone? 8
2012-12-22What are your plans for this holiday season? 8
2012-12-08Have you downloaded any Coopercentral PHP scripts yet? 6
2012-11-24What kind of user are you? 3
2012-11-17Which device do you use most frequently to access internet and email? 3
2012-11-10Do you keep your computer on 24/7? 7
2012-11-03Were you affected by Hurricane Sandy? 5
2012-10-27Do you plan on purchasing Windows 8 in the near future? 10
2012-10-20What type of website are you hosting? 12
2012-10-13Which HTML/text editor do you use to compile your website? 7
2012-09-29What level PHP programmer are you? 10
2012-09-22Will you purchase the new iPhone 5? 9
2012-09-08What would you like to see more of on Coopercentral.net? 7
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