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Please use the form below to add yourself to the Coopercentral Member List. Currently, there are 32 members, and still growing. Below, you MUST enter your first name, last name, email address, a desired username (Note: must be unique), and a little description about yourself. The fields with a * are required, so make sure you don't forget to add those. The following are options and benefits from becoming a member of the Coopercentral Member List:


  1. Your Own Member Page - You have your own member page, which I will add lots of cool stuff to as I get soon as I get ideas for.
  2. Shockwave Games - You can play the wonderful, shockwave games that I frantically try to find each day. Currently there are 11 shockwave games to play, but you must be a member to play them.
  3. Notification - Because you signup, I will have your email on a list, and all the important stuff I do, I will have in a newsletter-type email, which you can read.

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