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Welcome everyone!

Thank you for stopping by my website. So far I have added 3 PHP scripts and a handleful of PHP-related tutorials.

Please take a look around the website, and view the different PHP scripts and tutorials. If you signup, there will be various online games to play, to pass the time. If you have a suggestion, I would love to hear it.

I could use some help!

Is anyone interested in creating and publishing PHP/MySQL tutorials on this website? If so, please email Coopercentral@gmail.com for any ideas you have. If I like the idea, I will have you post the tutorials to this site.

I want this site to be aimed towards beginner PHP coders. If you take a look at my code it's very easy to understand. I do not want object-oriented coding, as that is more on the advanced level.

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Which virtualization platform do you utilize?
Oracle VirtualBox
33% - [2]
VMware ESX(i)
17% - [1]
Microsoft Hyper-V
17% - [1]
Linux KVM
17% - [1]
I don't virtualize
17% - [1]
Citrix XenServer
0% - [0]
0% - [0]
Total Votes: 6
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